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Frequently Asked Questions

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Before releasing each Lovey range, we tested them with numerous, let's call them... adventurous boys and girls. Not only did they stand up to regular tantrums, food messes and heavy-duty outdoor play, once they were washed they returned to the beautiful "as new" lovey time after time.

We have designed the low volume to ensure it does not damage baby's hearing when snuggled right up to it.
The second, slightly louder level is for public places or noisy stroller trips so that baby can still hear their favorite noise on the go. This ensures they get the same level of comfort anywhere, anytime. 

When laid flat the blanket portion is 15 inches by 15 inches. 
Each weigh approximately half a pound or 300-400grms.

The music box sits inside the padded head of each animal Lovey. The buttons slot nicely into each ear and can be pressed to operate either Brahms lullaby or white noise. The Lovey comes with a diagram and instructions on how to start / stop and chose the level and length of each noise.

The Lovey takes 2 AAA batteries. The battery case is sealed by a small screw to ensure that children cannot access. Most common brands of batteries will last months even with very regular use.